This is massive! For years rice has been demonised and blames for our carb bodies and the dreaded bloat! But with the colder weather upon us who doesn’t love a bit of rice with their curry or stir fry? Everyone knows I’m all for everything in moderation including rice and the great news is studies have now shown that you can cook your rice in a certain way you can change the whole architecture of the rice and reduce your calories by up to 50%!

Unlike popular belief white rice is actually better for you than brown rice as it doesn’t cause gastro stress or food allergies. Also, brown rice makes it difficult to absorb important minerals and makes it difficult to digest proteins and starches.

So you want to know how do you cook rice to save up to 50% of the calories? Here is how you cook your rice:

1. First, you get a saucepan of water and bring to a boil

2. Then add one teaspoon of coconut oil

3. Next, add 1 cup of rice per teaspoon of coconut oil

4. Cook rice for approx 20 minutes

5. This is key – let rice refrigerate for 12 hours

6. Reheat and eat

The better quality the rice the more reduction in calories. We recommend Basmati rice as it is a very high-quality Australian bought rice.