Over time too much fat in your abdomen can be harmful to your health as this type of fat also known as visceral fat grows around the internal organs. It can increase our risk of heart disease, diabetes and have other complications. While it can be difficult to lose this weight, there are lots of healthy sustainable ways to do so. Check out dietician recommended tips on the best ways to reduce belly fat today!

1. Get enough protein
One of the best things you can do to lose belly fat is to make sure you are getting enough protein in your diet! One common mistake is people sometimes cut too many calories in their efforts to lose weight but in turn, end up not getting enough protein in their meals. There are many key benefits that protein provides. Protein is essential for weight loss not only helping reduce fat (especially in the abdominal area) but it also helps in building muscle. Protein helps you feel fuller for longer, so you won’t reach for those unhealthy snacks at the end of the day if you have a sufficient amount of protein. Lastly, it provides energy to keep you going throughout the day especially if you do any cardio alongside your diet to help reach your goals! The great thing about the Lady Shake is that it is high in quality protein to keep you going throughout the day!
Now, we aren’t saying to cut alcohol altogether! A glass of red wine here and there can actually provide you with some health benefits but too much overtime can increase belly fat!  According to a study from the International Journal of Obesity, light to moderate consumption of alcohol was associated with increased visceral fat in adult women. There are some delicious ‘mocktail’ style drinks on the market to choose from such as flavoured sparkling water, kombucha or sugar-free cordials.

A study from Canadian Medical Association Journal established that insufficient sleep is linked to a greater risk of obesity and commonly interferes with weight loss efforts.

So allow yourself to sleep 7-8 hours every night to help you burn the belly fat!