Im 35, Melbourne and I’ve lost 20kg so far.

I’ve always yo-yo’d with my weight. I would try something new, be too extreme and suddenly crave foods and stack it back on. I have struggled with this my whole life. When I decided to give lady shakes a go I was at the heaviest I had ever been and I never felt attractive in any photo I took (no matter the angle and filter) and I just felt blah. I had horrible stomach problems (IBS) and it affected not only me physically, but mentally as well. I was also a newish mum to a 2-year-old and keeping up with him was getting harder and harder and I never had the energy to do much with him except sit on the couch and watch tv. That wasn’t the sort of mum I wanted to be.

I think my reason for starting was just a combination of everything mentioned above and just feeling trapped in my body. I had fallen out of love with myself and I didn’t like that feeling.

So one night in bed I saw an ad for the Lady shake pop up on my news feed. I read about being able to “eat your cake too” and it pipped my interest. I love food, that’s no secret, there’s a reason I was the size that I was. But I wanted something that was going to allow me to eat (within reason) what I wanted but also assist me in losing weight and getting healthy. I was in bed with my partner who was also wanting to lose weight and we saw they had man shakes as well so it was the perfect fit. We ordered a ‘his and her shake pack’ and never looked back.

Prior to this, I had lap-band surgery 8 years ago and it was not successful. I’ve tried 1,2,3 drops, WW, Lite’n’easy, Jenny Craig (went for my first appointment and found out how expensive it was!) and every other thing you could think of!

The biggest change for me since starting The Lady Shake is my mood, I am happier and it is noticeable to everyone around me. I had more energy to spend with my family and work, I was having breakfast for the first time in years, my body was just working better. The best thing of all was my IBS pretty much disappeared.

My partner and I also started exercising, started off with just small walks as a family and we slowly went on bigger walks, brought bikes and I signed up to a team body project and started doing exercise programmes to complement my dieting. He lost 20kg too on The Man Shake!

Discipline is the biggest factor. If you are not disciplined enough to work hard to achieve what you want you are more likely to fall off the wagon. I hate using those words. You just have a bad day or a bad meal but you can’t let it affect the rest of your day/week/month etc.

I also like the saying progress, not perfection. Everyone goes at different levels, my partner would lose 4kg a week sometimes and I would not lose anything but I could see/feel my progress and that’s all that matters.

I feel happy within myself and I also feel really proud. I did this! I have a little more weight to lose but at the moment I am trying on wedding dresses and I can get into sample sizes. Prior to this, I would have only been able to try on plus size dresses and the range of those is much smaller. I also love being able to walk into any shop I want and try on a range of clothes. I am not limited to certain shops! (why are all plus size clothes so daggy!)

If you are thinking about starting – You just need to give it a go! Not tomorrow, not next week, do it as soon as you have those thoughts. If you have a bad meal or day think of it as a treat day. Treat yourself to something tasty for your hard work and then get right back on it the next thing you do. This is a lifestyle change not a short term goal and this product can really help you get going on that journey.

Having a weight loss buddy is really helpful so find someone to share the journey with. The Facebook page is a great source of support and information!