My name is Emily and I am a 21 year old living in Campbelltown, NSW. So far, I have lost 26kg by making healthy lifestyle changes such as using the Lady Shake with healthy food and exercise.

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Ever since I was young, I remember being a ”˜big kid’. As I grew older, the weight just piled on too. My teenage years were a bit of a rough time, and so I think I found comfort in eating and would indulge in guilty pleasures such as chocolate. I remembered I tried to lose weight a few times during this time, but it was quite challenging for someone who’d never taken their health seriously before.


For me, the most significant moment was when I reached my highest weight. It was a real turning point. Once I had reached that weight, I had decided that I wasn’t going to go any further. A mental switch had flipped and I was prepared to try anything to lose the weight.


I had seen and heard of the Man Shake before but didn’t know there was a Lady Shake version until I decided to look into it. I thought that it was really great that they accommodated for both men and women.


Before The Lady Shake, I had tried a few things, from counting calories and exercising to trying diets such as Lite N Easy. I found that these things worked for a while, but once you tried to go back to eating normally, the weight would just come back on. With the Lady Shake, it’s great. You can follow the plan whilst you lose the weight, and then to maintain it, you can just have a shake every now and then when you need to.


The lady Shake worked into my everyday life perfectly. It’s simple and easy to use! All you had to do was simply add two scoop and water and bam, your done. It’s perfect for me because I’m always on the go. My favourite flavour would have to be Chocolate by far. Although I don’t mind mixing the flavours too!



Now I’ve lost the weight with the help of the Lady Shake, I now enjoy exercising as a result and feel like a whole different person. I now walk and run almost daily and thoroughly enjoy it.  I also now have more self confidence and believe more in myself.


The biggest roadblock I had to overcome was most probably mental more then physical. Losing weight is hard, no doubt. The way I overcame it was accountability, discipline and motivation. I relied on others around me for support and I asked for help when I needed it and I remain certain that losing weight was what I wanted to do.


To anyone out there who is looking at starting their weight loss journey, my ”˜words of wisdom’ would be this “you have nothing to lose… except some weight. So give it a go. If you really want it, put everything you have into it and you will succeed”.