Erin, aged 40, lost 16kg with the Lady Shake.

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My journey began around 11 months ago after seeing photos of myself and realizing that I really can’t keep doing this to myself! I had a fatty liver and my cholesterol was also high at 5.8 (now in range at 4.6). Knew I had to turn my life around as I couldn’t afford to get any worse.

So after talking to my amazing friend who had lost over 36kg at the time with the lady shake (and has now maintained for over a year) she promised to help and encourage me throughout my journey and not just verbal support but also physical as we try and go on regular walks/hikes together, it’s been super encouraging! So, it was a no brainer to commit to the lady shake journey!……..and boy what an awesome adventure it’s been thus far! Not only have I lost weight and cm’s but have also gained a whole new lifestyle! I now can walk/run on average 8-10km’s, bike ride with my son and also smash out cardio and weight training classes 5 days a week which I never thought I would be able to do! I have currently lost 16kg in 11 months.

I have also been able to help my 16yr old daughter with her healthy eating and exercising  after she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and needed to do a special diet for her scans, which has been a huge driving force.

My biggest roadblock was still having unhealthy food in the house from the rest of the family, but I overcame this by making healthy versions that I keep in the freezer for when I have a craving .

Before starting my Lady Shake journey, I had tried other meal replacements but wasn’t fond of the taste but I absolutely love the lady shake flavours! The biggest difference I have found since starting is that my cholesterol is in range , have so much more energy to exercise and stay motivated.

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Now the next phase is not only to lose the remaining weight but also to get a tummy tuck and fix my abdominal separation. For this I know I need to be 100% healthy and fit to have the absolute best outcome during surgery and to support my recovery. My journey isn’t complete and I’m extremely grateful to have such an amazing group of women around me I call the “lady shakers” and can’t wait to see what the future holds. Best advice to anyone wanting to take the next step would be DO IT , it works and there is such amazing support on hand ready to help.