Five Foods Worse than Easter Eggs!

Easter Eggs seem pretty bad, right?

But, these five foods are worse than Easter eggs and you might be surprised.  Sometimes we think we are reaching for a healthy-ish option and we’re just not!

1. Fruit Juices

Again, we’re looking at the fruit, so it has to be healthy??  Unfortunately, that’s not true.

A lot of the time the fruit juice you buy isn’t really fruit juice. Sometimes there isn’t even any actual fruit in there, just chemicals that taste like fruit. What you’re drinking is basically just fruit-flavored sugar water.  Even drinking 100% quality fruit juice is still a bad idea.  100% fruit juice is the fruit without all the stuff that’s good for you, like fibre.  All that really leaves is fructose or sugar!

To be honest, if you’re thirsty, you are better to just drink water.  You can eat a piece of fruit with your water too!


2. Salad Dressings

They might be marketed as “light” and “fat-free,” but these salad dressings are loaded with salt and sugar to compensate for the lost flavor when companies cut out the fat. Both ketchup-based dressings, like French, Russian, and Thousand Island—as well as fruity vinaigrette, like pomegranate, raspberry will typically include more added sugar than you might assume.

The better alternative is to make your own dressing with a small amount of good quality olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic, ginger, chilli, lemon or lime juice – there are so many things you can use.  These things actually add to the nutritional value of your salad, rather than ruining it!

3. Breakfast Cereals

Cereal has traditionally been seen as a healthy breakfast option, but there are so many traps.

Take muesli for example.  we all thought that was healthy, right?  It can be, but not the toasted (coated in sugar variety). 1 cup of muesli can contain 450 calories, 24g fat and 20g (5 teasp) of sugar!!  Muesli is best served with a high protein yoghurt, rather than milk and go for the raw muesli, which contains around half the calories, fat and sugar.

Then there’s that box of Nutri-Grain, the one with all those healthy iron men on the packaging, that actually serves up a whopping 26.7g (over 6 teasp) of sugar per 100 grams of cereal? You’d get better nutrition from eating the box, and yet Nutri-Grain proudly wears a four-star health rating on the front of its box.  The World Health Organisation recommend no more than six teaspoons of sugar (25 grams) per day. So a single 100-gram bowl of Nutri-Grain will put you over your daily limit. All while you think you’re eating something healthy.


4. Banana Bread

It has bananas in it, right?  Banana bread can be a healthy option when it’s home made, but did you know the facts about “cafe style” banana breads?  Just one slice, with butter, contains 30.7g fat, 85g carbs, 47g (11 teaspoons) of sugar & 660 calories!!  That’s way worse than having an Easter Egg.

You can still enjoy a slice of banana bread, though.  See our healthy banana bread recipe here.

5. Trail Mix

This one is actually sold in the Health Food Isle!  Don’t be mistaken though, depending on the one you choose, it can be very UNhealthy.

One cup of trail mix can have as much as 46g of sugar!  That’s a whopping 10+ teaspoons.  In addition to that, in your cup of trail mix, you’ll find 42g fat, 26mg sodium and 72.9g of carbohydrates.  All that fat, sugar and salt is going to sabotage all your efforts to lose weight – all while you think you’re reaching for a healthy option.

You can still crunch on some nuts as a snack.  You just need to choose raw mixed nuts (no peanuts) and stick to 30g, which is a handful.  This will give you the awesome nutritional benefits of the nuts, without all those nasties!


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