5 Foods you thought were healthy But are NOT!

These foods are tricking you into thinking they’re healthy when really, they aren’t! We break down the not so healthy food that has to lead you astray.


1. Banana bread

Don’t let the name fool you! Banana bread contains up-to a cup full of sugar! One slice may contain up to 533 calories. So that a healthy snack or quick breakfast is not so healthy anymore!


2. Low-fat yogurt

Many types of “low fat” and “non-fat” yogurt’s are as high in sugar as desserts. Opt for a plain Greek yogurt or Yopro, which is high in protein.


3. Museli Bars

Whilst some Muesli bars are good for you, some contain up to 40grams of Sugar! Don’t make the mistake of thinking bars that contain yogurt are healthier, they can contain over 10grams of saturated fat per bar!



4. Prepared Salads

Just because the menu says salad, does not mean it is the healthiest option. Most are doused in the dressing which decreases the healthiness.


5. Breakfast cereals 

Breakfast cereals are easy, convenient food for busy people or even your kids,  and so many boast impressive health claims or try to promote the latest nutrition trend. But most are laced with sugar! 1 serving of Nutri-grain plus a glass of milk contains over 16g of sugar.



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  1. TRACY PARKER 28/08/2018 at 1:32 pm - Reply

    Made air popped popcorn the other night and I think it’s better than the microwave stuff…the only ones there are butter, double and triple butter that makes my mouth feel greasy

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