In November 2017, 59-year-old Frank was told that his health was rapidly declining due to his obesity. He was at risk of diabetes, a stroke, or a heart attack, and knew he needed to make a change.

Frank ordered The Man Shake straight after this diagnosis, and his wife Sandy decided to support him on the weight loss journey and ordered The Lady Shake.

In the four months that followed this decision, the results were instant and amazing.

Together, Frank and Sandy lost 27kg on The Man Shake and Lady Shake

“My starting weight was 127kg and I’m now down to 113kg,” Frank said.

“I have a shake for breakfast every day, and for lunch every other day.”

3 months into his weight loss journey, a new blood test amazed his doctor and confirmed all his blood readings were back within the normal range.

And not just that, but in the same period, Sandy had lost 13kg’s. She even had to order new work uniforms because her old ones no longer fit.

Together, Frank and Sandy lost 27kg in just a few months, and each went down 2 clothing sizes.

Frank still has a way to go to achieve his goal weight of 100kg, but this amazing result for the couple shows what you can achieve when you work together with your loved one to make healthy lifestyle decisions.