Again, we’re looking at the fruit, so it has to be healthy??  Unfortunately, that’s not true.

Most fruits are chock-full of natural sugars which are good for you in small doses. However, like all sugar-based foods, they start to become problematic if you consume more than the recommended daily amount. A lot of the time the fruit juice you buy isn’t really fruit juice.

Sometimes there isn’t even any actual fruit in there, just chemicals that taste like fruit. What you’re drinking is basically just fruit-flavored sugar water.  Even drinking 100% quality fruit juice is still a bad idea.  100% fruit juice is the fruit without all the stuff that’s good for you, like fibre.  All that really leaves is fructose or sugar!

To be honest, if you’re thirsty, you are better to just drink water.  You can eat a piece of fruit with your water too!

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