It’s Winter, which means it’s easy to chuck on a pair of trackies, crawl under the blanket & hibernate. Last thing you think of healthy foods! Shaving your legs is a burden, the kids are sick with the flu and eating healthy seems like TOO MUCH EFFORT. Don’t worry, we feel you. But don’t despair; we’ve got you covered! Here are some food switches that will warm you up!

SWITCH ONE: Potato for Sweet potato  

Not only is sweet potato higher in fibre & vitamins A & C but they also contain fewer calories than the spud. Making them a healthy option for hot chips, potato bake or baked potato.

SWITCH TWO: Ditch the chips & snack on popcorn

Wintertime is perfect for activities like Netflix and chill, which calls for snacks. You can eat 6 cups of plain, air-popped popcorn for around the same number of calories as 1 cup of chips!

SWITCH THREE: Toss the tacos & Lay on the lettuce

If you’re like me, Mexican is a big winner in your household. Taco shells have around 150 calories per taco, so why not try swapping it out for a lettuce cup? Buy some Iceberg lettuce and put all taco contents into the lettuce. Don’t knock it til’ you try it!

Food swap Lettuce instead of tacos

SWITCH FOUR: Pass over the pasta for Zucchini pasta 

Pasta is the best comfort food, especially on a chilly winter night. But you can save yourself the calories and the guilt by swapping to Zucchini! You can even buy it ready to steam from Woolies, for around $3!

SWITCH FIVE: Put down the hot chocolate and pick up our choccy greens!

We all feel like a hot beverage in Winter and for some if not most Hot Chocolates are a go-to! However, they are high and sugar and not so friendly on the waistline. Our Chocolate greens make a perfect hot choc and taste even better. Simply add 1 scoop with hot water and a dash of almond milk and you’ve got a winner. You even get 5 servings of veg with every scoop.

What are you waiting for? Get healthy and make the switch today!