I am 33 year old busy working mum with 3 kids from Greystanes, NSW.  When I started the Lady Shake in January I weighed 85.7kgs and currently weigh 59.8kgs. This wonderful journey has made me a happier person, happier mum, and according to my husband (a much happier wife).

I started the Lady Shake, as this was recommended to me by my brother. I was always concerned about my weight. It was January this year when we were away at my friends holiday home and she was taking snaps of us having a good time. She sent me the photos and as I was flicking, I was EXTREMELY shocked at my appearance. I was disappointed that I let myself become that way after having my children. The very next morning, I went to Coles and purchased the Lady Shake and have never looked back.

I have tried so many things to lose weight to no avail. I have tried Naturopaths, fad diets, other branded shakes, boot camp, personal weight loss mentors and more. There was always a negative to one of them. Either too costly, still leaving me hungry, taking too much time, or simply tasteless. Losing weight and dieting should be enjoyable and easy. Being a busy mum, I can be time poor, so I do look for convenience. Lady Shake is great, tasting, and most importantly very filling.

Losing weight has made me a much happier person. Being happy is extremely important when your a mother as it feeds onto the children. If I am sad, miserable and lack confidence, my family feel it and its unfair they have to feel that way. I am confident how I dress, and just in general love being out and about and socialising.

I’d definitely recommend the Lady Shake to any woman out there trying to lose weight, whether its a mum or not. Its quick, convenient, reasonably priced, delicious and has a 5 star health rating. There is no point on being on a weight loss journey with shakes high in sugar content, as it would be contradictory to what your aim is. I have never looked back, and want to thank The Lady Shake for supporting me on my weight loss journey, and changing my life for the better.