With the Christmas period fast approaching it’s hard to avoid Christmas Parties and the flow of alcohol that comes with it. So instead of telling you to ditch the champagne for a mocktail instead we have lined up your favourite alcohol drinks and compared the calories in each to give you your go-to guide for celebrating the silly season without drinking your daily calorie in just alcohol.

Therefore a vodka and soda is definitely your go-to drink this Christmas! Not to say you can’t enjoy a nice cold beer or champagne, just try and have it in moderation and just keep an eye on the calories.

We also suggest the following tips:

  1.  Make sure you eat before drinking your first alcoholic beverage. Once there is alcohol in your system the rate your body burns fat slows right down. Have a nice healthy dinner before you hit the Christmas party.
  2. Stay hydrated. You’ve heard it before but make sure you are having one glass of water between each alcoholic beverage you have to keep hydrated.
  3. Be aware of top-ups. Topping up your glass can lead to you losing count of the amount you have been drinking. Finish one glass before accepting a top-up.

Most importantly have a merry and safe Christmas and enjoy the time off with your family and friends.