What healthy foods to snack on while on the go. Want to know what snacks to have while you’re on the go? Snacking right is an important part of our busy lives. Find out 5 simple tips as to what you can be eating to feel great.

We lead such busy lives so it’s more important than ever to eat healthy. Eating right helps with your energy levels, prevents cravings and helps with the obvious shedding of kilos. 

Eating health can be easy whether it’s dropping the kids off to school, at the airport or a busy day at work? 

Here’s some tips for staying on track.

1. Eat plenty of protein

Are your snacks leaving you hungry just after an hour? Even though the quantity may be huge, what you eat makes a lot of difference. Protein digests slower than carbs and keeps the cravings at ease. That’s why your hunger is only satisfied temporarily when you musli bars, white bread, or sugary beverages.

Pack nuts, greek yogurt or protein bar like the Lady Bar in your bag to keep you satisfied.

2. Eat regularly

If you’re waiting until you’re starving to eat it could be be causing you to over eat.

Eating big portions in one sitting not only puts you into a food coma but also gives your brain a signal that there is will not be food available anytime soon, so the calories are stored as fat. If you have small portions your body can digest them and can help you with energy and release the kilos.

3. Meal prep

Preparing food on a weekend will set you up for the week. Not only does it reduce the stress of thinking about what you are going to eat but also ensures you’re not reaching for the unhealthy easy fast food option. Great recipes are available here

4. Breakfast is a must

If you’re one of those people who find it difficult eating first things in the morning? Don’t worry, you are not alone!

Eating a healthy breakfast can help you concentrate and positively affect your mood. If you don’t have time. Grab a Lady Shake.

5. Drink plenty of water

Water flushes out toxins to boosting your immune system. If you want to change it up try squeezing a lemon or adding some sliced apple or cucumber to the water