Three-day weekends are awesome! Food, friends, fun, who doesn’t love that? And going back to work, many of us probably feel about as motivated as a deflated beach ball.  But getting back on track after calorie splurge, over-sleeping, and a few too many drinks doesn’t need to be that hard.

Here are some tips to jump-starting a post-long-weekend routine.

  1. Start your day with positive thoughts.

Get up and let any negative thoughts about the food and beverages you consumed on the weekend go. You don’t have to let the weekend get in the way of getting back into your healthy lifestyle.

  1. Fuel up with a protein and fibre rich breakfast.

Try having a Lady Shake in the morning for a great source of protein, fibre, and other health benefits.

  1. Get back to routine as soon as possible.

Routines can be both calming and important in getting back on track. “Structure is key,” he says. “If you use structure, your body will take care of itself.”

  1. Expose yourself to bright light.

By getting bright light early in the morning, your body will recognize a more stable waking and sleeping pattern after a weekend of staying up late and sleeping in.

  1. Drink lots of water.

When it comes to counteracting a weekend of self-indulgence, the best recommendation is to hydrate. Greasy food and alcohol can leave you feeling H2o depleted, make sure have a water bottle during the day. Plus avoid salty foods. Instead of snacking on pretzels, opt for nuts or a mandarin or orange.