Are you lacking in time? Feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day? Wanting to be a better Mum, sister, daughter or wife? Take a deep breath and stress less as our Lady Shake program is the answer for you!

We have come up with 5 quick tips to help you feel healthier and remain focused throughout your daily routine!

Get moving – even if you are tapping into 10 minutes of exercise/walking a day or 30 minutes, every little bit helps. This will leave you feeling energised for the day and keep you motivated!

Have a positive attitude – studies have shown that being positive and ensuring you take some time out of your day to laugh and be happy, raises your blood pressure boosts your heart rate and will leave you feeling better overall.

Try our Lady Shakes – It would be the healthiest thing you eat all day and includes all the key vitamins, protein, fibre and nutrients your body needs. Adding chia seeds to your shake is a great way to double up on the vitamins and give you an instant energy boost.

Make yourself a priority – it’s a common woman thing to not put ourselves first and worry about everyone else around us. But in order to benefit your health, it is important to put yourself first especially when wanting to lose weight and remain healthy.

Snack right to keep your mind frame tight – if you are one to snack on unhealthier foods, it’s more than likely that your thought train will be out of whack and negative. Snacking on healthy foods and will reflect your mood and keep you more positive!