There are THOUSANDS of reasons why we shouldn’t, don’t need to, or don’t want to do the work to lose weight, but in reality, it comes down to powering through our feelings and sticking to a plan. With The Lady Shake, it’s easy to lose the weight if you stay true to the course, so here are Belinda’s top tips for sticking with it:


1. Don’t Let Set Backs Define You

You are going to get knocked back a few times before you can move forward. Whether it’s a cheat meal, or a life disruption like grief or loss, the main thing is to not let it define you. The faster you get yourself back on track, the faster you will achieve your goals.

2. Set Weekly Check-Ins

The best way to stick to a plan is to keep yourself accountable. This could be a journal you keep for yourself OR working with a friend. You can reach out to the Lady Shake Ladies on Facebook if you need some support to get you through the ups and downs of a new weight loss routine.

3. Schedule Treat Meal Dates

EVERYTHING in moderation. If you are forcing too much of a strict routine on yourself, you may be tempted to quit! Scheduling or allowing yourself a treat meal is OK. Just remember to keep it to one treat meal – not a whole week. Getting back to the plan is part of the deal you will have to make with yourself.

4. Know Your Why

Why are you losing the weight in the first place? Is it for yourself, for your family, or to fit a dress you dearly love? Whatever the reason, print it out on a piece of paper and put it up on the wall, on the fridge, ANYWHERE. Remind yourself why you started in the first place and get yourself focused on that end goal.

Good luck ladies! For more encouragement keep up with us Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube for links, tips, and tricks.