4 Top Tips To Spring Clean Your Pantry

With Spring in full force, it’s time to not just spring clean your shoe closet but your pantry too. We have 4 tips to help you spring clean your pantry to get your health and weight loss back on track.

  1. Clean out the Junk

If you indulged in one too many Tim Tams during the winter months, chances are your pantry is filled with comfort food. Chocolate. Chips. Biscuits. You name it, it’s time to ditch it. You are doing yourself no favours by consuming these empty calories, bring them to work or give them away if you can’t bear throwing them in the bin but make sure they are out of sight out of mind! That’s not to say you can’t leave a few treats, but leave ones you know you can have control of. Dark chocolate is a great pantry staple when your craving something sweet.


2. Consider your condiments

Tomato sauce, BBQ sauce, Soy sauce etc are loaded with hidden sugars and are secret killers when it comes to our weight loss. Adding just a bit of tom sauce to your dinner can increase your sugar count and spike your blood sugar levels making it harder for you to lose weight. Don’t forget that the World Health Organisation only recommends 6 teaspoons of sugar per day. So ditch the packaged sauce and go for varieties you can make at home or add some spices your meat dishes instead.

  1. Swap out refined carbs for whole grains

With Spring in your step aim to eat complex carbohydrates rather than refined or processed carbs whenever possible. Your pantry is probably filled of refined carbs such as cereals, white pasta, ramen noodles as they are usually go-to items in the supermarket, these types of carbs are typically processed to remove nutrient-rich husk resulting in higher GI level and make it hard for your body to break down. Instead opt for whole grains instead e.g. oats, brown rice, quinoa etc for your cooking staples.

  1.  Stock up on packaged protein

Canned tuna, salmon and even sardines are great sources of protein and can be quickly turned into a number of nutritious meals for a last-minute lunch or busy dinner. They can turn any salad into a protein-rich meal so having these lifesavers in your pantry can ensure you are hitting your weight loss goals. Almonds, Brazilian nuts, and pistachios are also great sources of healthy fats to store in the pantry.