We all have busy lives and so much going on. Adding something extra to the list, even if it will impact positively on our life, can be quite daunting. Therefore, we have created a quick guide for you on How to stick to a habit.


  1. Wanting to change too many things, which tends to lead to getting overwhelmed
  2. Routine changes! You may get sick, something is going on in your personal life or it’s just a busy time
  3. Lack of motivation. You may want things to change, but not enough to be motivated to make the change.
  4. Negative thoughts – Your inner voice may be telling you nothing needs to change and you can’t be bothered.
  5. You miss a few days of the habit and then just decide you’ll just give up for now


  1. One step at a time: Don’t rush and do too many things at once, make a list of the things you want to change and start small. If it’s getting up before work to go to the gym, that is already two in one!
  2. If you have previously tried to stick to these habits & it hasn’t worked, write down why and find a different soloution.
  3. You can’t change everything at once. One habit a day. Wait at least 3 weeks to start a new habit and remember to stick to your current one.
  4. Be accountable for your habits. Get a friend to make a change with you or let them know about it so they can encourage you.
  5. Don’t miss consecutive days- This is a MAJOR NO NO! Missing a day breaks the habit and then you generally make excuses to not keep going.
  6. Enjoy the habits you decide to set for yourself- Think of the positive changes these habits will make.