“I knew I had put on weight following the birth of my third child in early 2016, so I simply avoided weighing myself. After seeing myself at a family wedding I knew something had to be done. I weighed myself and was upset I had gained 20 kilos in 18 months. My hubby had just started The Man Shake so I signed up too- and I haven’t looked back since!

My first shake was on the 1st September and the weight dropped off from the first week, a steady loss started to occur. My only exercise was walking more, at least 10 minutes of active walking a day.

Following The Lady Shake plan I have never felt hungry and in fact feel like I am eating more, it’s just more of the right foods for my body. Having lost 9.5 kilos in 12 weeks, I feel fitter and happier in myself than I have in years”.