The Lady Shake is a healthy meal in a shake.
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You’re one busy lady, doing all the amazing things that make you, you. That’s why we made The Lady Shake sooooo much more than a protein shake. So you get all the goodness you need without hours and $$ adding things in.
The Lady Shake is packed with all the essential nutrients to nourish you daily, so you can keep doing your thing. All you need to do is add water and drink – It’s that simple!
Spoiler alert: we love making nutrition fun and simple and we’ve even made it taste amazing without having to add in all the nasties and sugar like some others out there.  Learn more..

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Why we started the Lady Shake


  • Are you sick of being tired and overweight? Feeling sluggish?
  • Don’t have time to exercise or eat well?
  • Sick of dieting only to put all the weight back on?

Well, you need The LADY Shake! The LADY Shake is designed for the everyday lady. It’s packed full of goodness, simple to use, keeps you full for longer… and YES, you can have your cake and eat it too!
Each bag of Lady Shake (15 serves) gives you the key nutrient equivalent of the foods below.
Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person in conjunction with The Lady Shake Program and regular exercise.

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All your daily nutrients

The Lady Shake contains over 25 vitamins and minerals required on a daily basis

Best Proteins

The Lady Shake uses whey protein that is sourced locally from Australian grass fed cows.

Gluten Free

The Lady Shake is gluten free and contains only the highest quality ingredients and not full of artificial colourings and preservatives.

Low in sugar

The Lady Shake is low in sugar containing only 2.4g (less than half a teaspoon).

Full of Healthy Fats

The Lady Shake contains healthy fat which help improve blood sugar regulation, boost metabolism and burn fat. 

Specially formulated for women

The Lady Shake has a unique fat blasting formula designed specifically for women to lose weight in those problem areas.

The Lady Shake is Breastfeeding Friendly! 

Real Women. Real Results.

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