Is Banana Bread All It’s Baked Up To Be?

Who doesn’t love a piece of banana bread? I think it has to be one of the most clever “inventions” of our time – to take a piece of banana cake that everyone knows is bad for us … and call it “bread” and all of a sudden its considered “healthy” and consumed by millions of people throughout the world.

I’m sorry to burst your banana bubble but banana bread contains nearly as many calories as banana cake. Which is ok if you want it as a treat like you would a piece of cake, but unfortunately we tend to over consume this because it says “bread” – and breads good for us right?
As soon as those healthy delicious bananas are mixed with all the other ingredients we are left with a small slice of banana bread containing over 200 calories with those calories being 65% carbohydrates and 35% of the calories being fat.
So this is the same as having a piece of cake – a high carb, high fat treat that doesn’t really fuel our body or provides any source of nutrition.
I’m not telling you this to break your heart and think “there’s another thing I can’t eat” I just hate when we are eating something we think is Ok for us because it’s been jazzed up and heavily marketed as something it’s not. As our saying goes at the lady shake you can have your cake and eat it too – or banana bread for that matter, but as a treat not as a substitute for a healthy meal in a shake or eggs on toast!
So we have come up with our own recipe for a healthier Banana bread! See recipe here.

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