I am a 29-year-old mother from Dubbo, Central west, NSW and so far, I have lost 13 Kilos using the lady shake.


My health was horrible I was at a point where we were having takeaway probably 3 times a week because it was “EASY” and I was drinking wine all the time. I realised I was always grumpy and unhappy with my appearance, I noticed I was never in photos with my daughter and husband.
My turning point was when I realised my daughter would never have many photos of me and how was she meant to remember me when my time comes?
I have tried so many other fad diets probably 5 different ones before I found the lady shake. They were boring and very strict diets you had to cut out all of the food basically and live on chicken and broccoli (BORING). A few friends at work were having the Man Shakes, then I saw a Lady Shake advertisement, looked it up and have never looked back. I love strawberry, vanilla and banana. I actually like to mix a scoop of two different flavours they all blend well together!

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Once I started the lady shake, I noticed the weight coming off and I was feeling a lot happier and more confident in myself. I stopped hiding myself from the world!
The lady shake is so easy to follow I have a shake for breakfast as soon as I get to work or when I get up on the weekends. I pack my snacks for the day, I have my shake at lunch time and then for dinner I still enjoy nice nutritious meals with my family.
I still get to go out and have a sneaky wine with family and friends and I still get to go out and have dinner or lunch dates with family or friends and not feel guilty about it at all.
My confidence is the biggest difference I see!
The biggest roadblock for me was having to make separate meals to what my family were having when I tried previous diets – with the Lady shake there is no roadblock whatsoever it works wonderfully for me.
If your thinking about trying the lady shake JUST DO IT! Honestly, I thought about it for far too long before I decided to give it a try and I wish I just tried it straight away! BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE. I absolutley love the products and I’m so glad I took the leap.