Hi! My name is Joanne Elliott, I am 49, from Toronto NSW.

Since using the lady shake I have lost 24kg since November 2017.

I started using the lady shake after I got really sick in the October of 2017 thought to myself I’m sick of being overweight and struggling to do anything! So I walked into the chemist that day and saw The Lady Shake and decided to give it ago. Haven’t looked back since.

I had previously tried several different attempts of losing weight; Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Sure Slim plus a variety of different shakes. I felt some worked and others didn’t and could only keep the weight off for a short time.

The biggest difference since using The Lady Shake is being able to do things I couldn’t do before; walking, riding a bike and also being able to play with my granddaughter.

I have a bad knee and always struggled to go for a walk, I will need a new knee in the future but losing this weight has helped so much. Just recently I have been able to take up kickboxing, before The Lady Shake it was something I never dreamed of doing. I am just loving life right now and it’s all thanks to The Lady Shake which I’m really enjoying!

Loving life right now thanks to The Lady Shake!

I would HIGHLY recommend The Lady Shake to other ladies as it’s so easy to use and also delivers great results, just look at my pics I’d never thought I could do it in a million years! But I have and still going and looking forward to losing more and getting much healthier.