Since starting The Lady Shake i have lost 40kg.

Karen Solovieff, 40, Raymond Terrace NSW

I never really noticed my weight gain but now that I think about it I’m not surprised. I drive buses for a living so I am sitting down the entire time and when you mix that with eating too much of the wrong foods that is what you get.
My husband Steve was in the same position and as a couple, we both were getting bigger without really noticing. The moment that Steve said his doctor told him to lose weight we knew we had to change, so we decided to do it together.
At first, we tried to start walking every day without a change in diet but we couldn’t walk very far so that didn’t last long. We had also tried some other brand shakes but nothing really happened and we couldn’t really stick to it.
We finally realized that our biggest problem was getting motivated to do things. Lucky for me Steve started on The Man Shake and was determined to make some changes and helped me get going and now we are both supporting each other along the way.

Now that I’ve lost the weight I feel so much better! It’s great to be able to buy clothes off the rack and not have to go to the “big” section. Steve and I now have a new lease on life and walk about 10km or more a day quite easily.

We have also changed the way we eat and understand what got us in this position in the first place. Both Steve and I used to drink a lot of flavoured milk but The Lady Shake has completely replaced that now and I have no urges to go back.

The Lady Shake has done everything it said it would. I have felt the benefits very quickly and I can’t believe how full it keeps you. I was worried that eating less would affect my energy levels but it’s been the opposite.
Being able to have a Lady Shake for breakfast is just so quick and easy. I’ll definitely be having them ongoing to help me maintain my weight. 
To be honest I never thought I would be able to lose this weight but now that I look back it’s taking those small steps everyday and watching them build up.