I’m 36 years old from Taree and so far I’ve lost 36 kg on The Lady Shake. I Started shakes in August 2020 and it is now September 2021.

I became overweight at most stages in life due to inadequate decisions on health & fitness.

I knew I needed to make a change when I started realising the reality of my situation and the consequences of health complications that could follow. I was uncomfortable with myself to a point where I knew that I no longer wanted to be this version of myself.

Firstly, I started to make subtle changes -Reducing my sugar intake & look at healthy options and I came across The Lady Shake on social media.

My biggest roadblock was time and excuses. I overcome this by telling myself to make time, to set a goal and have purpose deciding that this is a lifestyle change and enjoy the journey! This is the new happy you!

As I started to lose weight I became more active and started to enjoy fitness and the health aspects that followed.

The biggest difference is my self-confidence & increased positivity towards life. Waking up each morning with a positive mindset knowing I can achieve anything!

If you are thinking about starting your Lady Shake journey; It’s never too late to give it a try! Believe in yourself and anything is possible if u set your mind to it. Always get back up and prove to yourself how strong YOU can be!