Hi My Name is Kaye! I live in Albury,  NSW.

I am 66 years old and my height is 173cm.  I have lost 15kg since starting The Lady Shakes. The added bonus is I have shed 13cms as well!

If there’s a diet on the market,  I have tried it and all those fad diets don’t seem to work. But after having a bilateral knee replacement 18 months ago I knew I had to get this weight off for the sake of my health.


I found out about the Lady Shakes from my son who uses the Man shakes and always had a bag in his pantry. After reading the ingredients I felt it was worth a shot!  Since I decided to watch my sugar intake, it was great to find out that the Lady Shake only had minimal amounts – this won me over.

I don’t like to say the term “lose weight” because something that is lost can always be found again, I prefer “gotten rid of this weight”. Using the Lady Shake has been the easiest way and the longest I have ever maintained efforts to get rid of excess weight. Usually, with other diets, one week in, and I am done. Thanks to the Lady Shake I am half way to my goal!

I really enjoy Vanilla, chocolate and the Caramel flavoured shakes. I love the thickness of the shakes as this seems to keep me fuller for longer. Plus cutting out processed foods such as white breads, potatoes and anything high in bad carbs has helped enormously. I have my main meal at lunch and add a combination of fresh berries at night in a shake. This is, for me more advantageous.

I am now off diabetes 2 meds. I walk comfortably without panting and puffing and, most importantly, feel better overall. Comments from others have cemented my resolve. The cost is great and even “Afterpay” is a bonus and surely an incentive to invest in a great feeling of well-being.