My name is Keely, I am 22 years old and I live on the Gold Coast.

I started my journey with the lady shakes in February 2019 and I have been doing the maintenance shakes for 6 months now to maintain the weight I have lost.

When I started my shakes, I was weighing 91kgs and I am sitting at 72kgs which is a 19kg loss. keely.png


I was struggling with everyday back pain and I was unable to do simple exercise without struggling.


The reason why I decided to start the shakes was when I looked at myself in the mirror with disappointment because of how much I had let myself go due to stress and anxiety in my everyday life. I wanted better for myself and my health.


I found out about the lady shakes from my father who had just started the man shakes. Fitting the lady shakes into my lifestyle was very easy, all I needed access to was cold water, if I was at work, university or out and about, I would never go hungry therefore I would never have a reason to stop at a fast food restaurant.


My quality of life is better since starting the shakes, I am more comfortable within my own skin, my self esteem has risen and overall I am a happier healthier me.


I was living a very unhealthy lifestyle, I would stop at any fast food restaurant, I was heavily addicted to sugar and any food that was not nutritious for my body. I have changed my entire lifestyle, little things from changing from sugar to sweetener or just going for a walk to the end of the street.


To anyone who is scared/nervous to start their journey of weight loss with the Lady Shake, take the big step and do it. I always said if I can do it, anyone can!