If you have set yourself a weight loss goal in the new year, you are probably starting to see results and now want to make new habits stick – but from time to time, you may be tempted to fall back into old routines. Keeping the weight off for good begins with overcoming those original bad habits, carving out new healthy habits, then baking those habits into your daily routine.

If you are time poor and overworked, this may be difficult to do, so we thought we should put together our top tips for making your new habits stick. Here is a quick intro from our founder (and fearless leader), Belinda on healthy habits:

1. Download a Habit Building App

There are hundreds of habit-building apps on the market these days. We love StickK, built by behavioural economists from Yale University, this app allows you to set a contract with yourself and is backed by research principles of Thaler’s nudge theory.


2. Keep the Right Kind of Snacks on Hand – Always!

We all know that forgetting to pack the right foods for the day leads to bad food choices. The only way to overcome this snack-crisis is to keep your cupboard and handbag packed with snacks high in nutritional value – nuts, tuna and rice cakes with peanut butter are easy to store long term and avoid the dreaded 3 pm slump. To avoid reaching for a chocolate bar, try one of the Lady Bars instead for a guilt free snack.

3. Make Use of Your Personal Robot/s

Apple’s Siri

A simple daily reminder in your iPhone can go a long way to avoiding a slip backwards into old habits. Stay one step ahead of yourself with “Hey Siri – set a reminder for me to eat a handful of nuts at 3.30pm”. This can avoid a fall from grace later in the day, like grabbing bag of chips on the way home.  *A handful of nuts is around 30g

Google Home

You can also set healthy reminders with your Google Home. Try “Ok Google – remind me to go for a walk on the weekend”, or “Ok Google – how long is it to walk to Coles”. If it’s a new exercise routine you are trying to bake into your day – try “Ok Google – play workout music” or better yet, connect Google Chromecast to your TV and try “Ok Google – play aerobics workout on YouTube”.

4. Start Your Day Right

A healthy breakfast full of protein and fibre like our Lady Shake Pancakes or Popeye Burrito recipe will set your day right and keep you fuller for longer.

TOP TIP:  Avoid skipping breakfast and make sure to always have a shaker handy, loaded with your favourite flavour of Lady Shake so you can simply grab and run on those chaotic school day mornings.

5. Use a ‘Smart’ Scale

While we don’t focus on the waistline as much as your health and well being here at The Lady Shake, we know that seeing your waistline shrink can be the encouragement you need to keep going with your healthy habits. But there are other perks to changing your habits that might give you the encouragement you need to keep up with your new routines.

“Smart” scales are not a new technology by any means, but they are now more affordable than ever before. Kmart has released a new body analysis scale that measures your hydration and body fat along with muscle mass and bone percentage – all linked to a free app for your smartphone. Seeing your efforts having a positive impact on the inside, as well as on the outside, maybe a push in the right direction. 

6. Buy in Bulk

The easiest way to avoid falling back in to old habits is to avoid an empty pantry. Stacking your cupboard with snacks and easy recipe bases will keep you from reaching for the take out menu. Recipes like our Salmon Patties and Low-Carb Fried Rice don’t require many ingredients and can be on the table in under 30 mins. Alternatively, make your life easier by stocking up and following our Lady Shake meal plan for a cheap, fuss free meal prep solution.

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