Kylie, 35 from Victoria has lost 13kg on the Lady Shake.



I started the lady shake as I was sick of always feeling bloated and tired and just overweight.


I just slowly put the weight on I was never overweight as such but for me, I had put on the kilos and was becoming very unhappy with how I looked and felt inside and out!

I just wanted to lose some weight to feel good again.


I tried other diet shakes and eating healthy but I couldn’t stick to it and needed some extra support. When I felt like there was nothing left to give me that extra help I just gave up altogether. And then my husband said to me that he wanted to try the man shake as he wanted to lose some weight and I thought ok let’s do this together. Doing it together has allowed us to motivated each other to achieve our goals.


Losing the weight has made me feel less tired during my daily routines and it’s made me feel more confident in my own skin again. I never use to enjoy shopping for new clothes as I bought clothes too big because I felt like I had to hide under my clothes. Now I don’t have to worry about that and I actually enjoy it.


I would recommend the lady shake to other ladies because I really do feel like if I can do it anyone can. As a wife and mother of two school-aged kids, you don’t always put yourself first as their needs come before your own. Deciding to do the lady shake you can put yourself first as it’s super easy to just have a shake for breakfast and not worry about what you’re having for lunch. It’s convenient and it works! Stick to it and you will definitely see results. I also use the lady shake website to look up recipes to make to eat for my snacks! I love the banana cake, the oatmeal choc chip cookies and chocolate balls.