Leanne is from Melbourne, Vic and is 56 years of age.

“I needed to lose weight and nothing I tried worked for me.  I had tried weight watchers, soup diet and so many other things, with no success!”

Leanne noticed that one of her workmates had lost weight and looked great.  She asked him how he’d done it.  He told her that he was on The Man Shake and that there was also one for ladies, so she thought “why not give it a go?”

“I have so much more energy and feel less lethargic now.  I’ve been able to go out and buy lots of new clothes, too – not baggy ones!!”

“I would recommend the Lady Shake, simply because it works!  Also, it is easy to use and tastes great and that makes it easy to stick to it!”

“The BEST part?  I now no longer need to take cholesterol medication as a result of my weight loss!  Thank you to The Lady Shake!”

Who says you can’t loose weight AND keep it off when you’re in your 50’s?