My Age is 53. I live in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria. I have lost 28 kilograms after using the lady shake for just over seven months.

I have struggled with my weight and other health issues. Not long after starting lady shake, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. This motivated me, even more, to take care of my health by what I consume for sustenance.
After being divorced for 13 years and meeting a beautiful man with who I have a lot in common and accepted me the way I was before I started Lady shake, I decided in my heart to do something to look even better for my man. One of the common ground points is we both believe in healthy eating.

I am the Queen of diets and have done them all. For example weight watchers, Jennie Craig, Soup diet, etc. Until I found The Lady Shake. I first found out from word of mouth from my niece’s husband who does the man shake and I also saw a television advertisement for the Lady Shake.

Since starting my Lady Shake journey, I have had more energy and I was able to walk more every day. The cravings for “bad” food went away. I am very conscious about the amount of sugar in my diet as I read labels on the lady shake bars. I have lots more confidence and I enjoy going out in public.
I was concerned of getting bored of having shakes day after day and doing the same thing but I didn’t. My favourite flavour is chocolate! With my new man, we have a variety of portioned controlled healthy meals we enjoy eating for evening tea. This is apart from the two shakes a day that I consume.
If you want to change your life with improved confidence, energy and overall general well being, then give it a go.