Hi, My name is Tammy Ward, I am 23 years old from Newcastle, NSW. Since starting I have lost 16 kilos since being on my diet with The Lady Shake.

Why did I start with the Lady Shake program? I started The Lady Shake diet so that I could become a better and healthier me. I wanted to do it for myself. But not only for me but also for my family. I wanted to be able to set a good example for my two young boys.

There are so many different diet options out there for women, from tablets to fasting to all sorts of shakes. In the past, I had tried other diets fads and shakes but nothing seemed to work and just made me feel worse than I already did. But then I found the Lady Shake, and it wasn’t like any of the other fads. It actually worked! I found that I was becoming happier and healthier, along with losing weight.

tammy ward.png

What has been the best part about using The Lady Shake? The weight loss of course. But from losing the weight it has made me feel better as mother and just in myself and I am able to go out and jump around with my son without feeling puffed or tired.

I would recommend The Lady Shake as it’s convenient, affordable and it delivers results weekly and tastes amazing!