38 year old Luisa from South Australia has lost 20kg on the Lady Shake!



I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember and have fluctuated up and down over the years trying to lose weight but never found any method that was sustainable. Things got out of control when I went through IVF and then two subsequent pregnancies that left me heavier than ever and really struggling with fatigue in daily life.
After having my two children I found myself at the biggest I had ever been and knew it was time to lose weight and get healthy for myself and my young family in order to have the energy to really enjoy life. The moment when I realised that I didn’t want to be in photos with my kids because I was embarrassed of how I looked I knew I had to make some changes.
I had tried quite a few things over the years from exercise regimes, gym memberships, low fat diets, low Gi diets, fasting and other brands of shakes and had periods of success but had never found a plan that worked long term, I would always eventually regain the weight. Looking back each of the things I had tried had merit but I was using them in isolation as a quick fix rather than a long term change so eventually when I returned to my old habits I was back where I started.
My husband had also found himself needing to lose weight as we had both gone off track health wise in the craziness of life with small children and had found the Man Shake. He was achieving great weight loss and increased energy levels and was making excellent progress so after a couple of months of watching his success I ordered Lady Shake for myself.
My whole approach to wellbeing changed when I started the Lady Shake. It was about doing the little things but doing them everyday. Following the meal plan and giving my body the right nutrition, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, committing to moving and exercising everyday and being organised so that the shopping/meal prep was done to ensure the right options were ready. The first thing I noticed was my energy and general feeling of vitality returning. Soon results followed on the scales and in my fitness level and I was hooked. I loved that I was getting through my busy days without feeling exhausted and having energy to enjoy my family not just make it through.

Being a busy working Mum of two young boys I didn’t think I had the time. I thought I had to exercise for hours to get results and it just seemed too hard. The Lady Shake eating plan and all the education that is provided has shown me that getting your diet right is the foundation for good health. I love Adam’s saying of ‘you can’t out train a bad diet’ it really is true. Once you get your nutrition right everything else follows because you feel energetic and motivated.
The beauty of the Lady Shake is that it actually gave me time back in my daily life. I could have a Shake in the car while doing the morning drop off or at my desk at work. I still sit down and eat dinner with my family each night and the kids now see us eating and enjoying healthy food all the time which is a great example for them. The snacks are easy to prepare and have on hand (love the bars) and the cheat meals give you the flexibility to socialise and never feel like you’re missing out. We have changed our dinner meals and are now using a lot of the recipes from Lady/Man Shake sites. The Challenges have been great to help me hit my weight loss/fitness goals and introduce me to different types of exercise that I hadn’t tried before. I love the fact that there is so much ongoing support and education. People often ask if I will be stopping the shakes soon as I am near to my ultimate goal, but I will always have lady shakes as part of my new lifestyle.


I love strawberry, banana, chocolate and coffee but for absolute flexibility I would say vanilla is my favourite. I love to add shots of fresh espresso coffee, frozen berries or banana, chai spices and more, plus it is great for using in so many of my favourite recipes like the pancakes. I also love to mix two flavours and my favourite combo is strawberry with banana.
I know I have said it a lot but the biggest difference now is the amount of energy and vitality that I feel everyday. I used to feel very limited by either embarrassment, fatigue or lack of motivation and now I am free to give anything a go. Even when life gets tough and I am lacking sleep or have a lot on my plate I still feel like I have enough energy to power through my day and enjoy time with my family.
Stop waiting for the ‘right time’ and just get started! The Lady Shake program is so easy and convenient to follow and if you do you really can’t go wrong. Lady Shake is not just about weight loss, it’s about health and well being and it really has given me all the tools to enjoy life to the fullest. After seeing the success that my husband and I have had we have had numerous family and friends become inspired to start on the shakes too and they are all now seeing great results of their own.
To Adam, Belinda and the whole team behind Lady/Man Shake a wholehearted thank you from our family, your product has really been a gamechanger for us. So glad that my husband came across it and decided to give it a go, it has started a butterfly effect in our lives and inspired many healthy changes. Keep up the good work!