Hi, My Name is Lyn, from Brisbane and I am 70 years young on 29th November!

While I haven’t lost a great deal in Kilos -in total 4kgs… I have lost inches everywhere!! I now can find my waist Yippee!

I watch the footy show and have seen great results, so I looked up The Man Shake online and found they had The Lady shake too. I read through the stories and saw amazing results that the everyday lady was achieving, so I ordered.

I tried to cutback back on my own but that way easy to break and I would just keep making bad food choices. I tried weight watchers for a while but always broke the DIET..

With The Lady Shake seeing the benefits was so quick. I could take my Lady Shake anywhere and the 10-minute exercise was a no brainier! I really loved the motivation talks for both my husband and myself as well.

The coffee flavour is the winner my books! I now only have 1 cup of coffee in the afternoon I don’t need the others because that was an excuse for a biscuit, so I told myself. The meal plan was so easy I know I keep saying easy but yes it was. The biggest difference is I fit back into my clothes that were so uncomfortable and tight, they look good and feel good. Plus all the new found energy is so good, I’ve gone back to ice skating and love it! I didn’t lose a heap of weight but 4 plus kilos of potatoes taped to my body is much better gone.

I would recommend the Lady Shake to anyone, even older ladies like me or young who want a nourishing way of eating without depriving you of good snacks. The Lady Shake is an easy to use, nice tasting meal replacements shakes!

I love my shake for breakfast and I know I always will, great start to the day and its all I need even on the maintenance plan, I’ve lost another 500 grams, my exercise is my pleasure every morning.. thank you Lady Shake!