Madi lost 14kg and is never looking back!
My story all started in March when I lost my job due to COVID. I worked in a stressful job so I was eating like rubbish every day as that was my habit and fast food was the easiest option;  it was quick and I was far too tired to exercise. When I got let go, I was eating worse and a lot more as I was so bored not doing anything and quite sad from losing my job in an industry I loved so much. One day in late April I was looking in the mirror and decided to make a change as I was hating what I was seeing. I had nothing but time. No turning back!
I found about the Lady Shake through a friend who was on the Man Shake and on the 1st of May, I started my journey. I have 2 dogs so I started out walking them on the roads around my area – around 4kms a day and then started doing hiking on bush tracks which were about 8.5kms every day. I still do this and as I’ve gotten a new job, I walk home every day which is 7kms of which over 3kms is a steady uphill.
I was at a complete loss of where to start and the Lady Shake has completely saved my life. It kick-started my health journey and has pushed me into learning so much about nutrition as well!
I had tried healthier diets and workouts but I didn’t understand nutrition enough or how to work out properly. The Lady Shake has made me study food and fitness more so I’m now very educated and don’t feel guilty having a treat day! My lifestyle has changed for the better! I can’t being to explain how much it has really changed my lifestyle.

The Shakes fit into my lifestyle very easily. Before work, I wake up and make my shake for the morning in the blender. For my lunch, I make it the night before and leave it in the fridge. It’s so hard to pick a favourite flavour but I love the Choc Mint on its own, vanilla to mix with fruit and chocolate for pancakes.
I now feel incredible! I think the way I view myself is the biggest change – especially when I look in the mirror! I now feel confident going out in public.
I would say to anyone thinking about starting that they absolutely need to do it and if I can do it, they absolutely can. We’ve all got wonderful support behind us in the Lady Shake group. They’ll feel so much better and they will never look back!