35-year-old Marceena lost an incredible 20kg in less than 5 months!

The lady shake has changed my life. Today I hit a 20kg goal and I am so happy. In under 5 months, I have achieved so much more than I ever could have believed. Not only has the lady shake allowed me to drop 20kg, it has given me the enthusiasm and encouragement to live a healthy life. Each week I can feel myself changing.

It wasn’t like I used to eat a huge lot of food throughout the day but it was just not the right food. I’d wouldn’t eat until around 2 pm and then it was snack food or quick easy food while I’m putting babies to sleep. Our dinners would consist of the classic meat and veg (lots of potatoes) and I would always over cater and then feel the need to eat it so we didn’t waste it. My family are always having big family dinners and we would make easy options which weren’t always the best options. My body just wasn’t right and IF or when I exercised nothing would happen.

I have tried a few other diets over the years. Some extreme and some just me trying to make what I thought were better decisions, which now I know were not better at all. It wasn’t until I turned 35 in June that I thought ‘what have I got to lose’. I was so sick of feeling tired but not being able to sleep. Feeling so full and bloated all the time. I was not getting a regular menstrual cycle, as it was basically non-existent. I saw an ad for The Lady Shake on TV and I made my hubby buy me shakes for my birthday present and I’m so happy he did. My favourite flavours are chocolate and caramel.

Things happened pretty fast once I started the shakes. The shakes taste so good and are quick and easy to make as I’m rushing 5 kids out the door. I now have so much more energy. I want to be active (most days anyway) and I want to be out and about with our family. I have never enjoyed exercising but now I have learnt that I like to jog. Walking is also great to do with the family.

I want to thank everyone involved in The Lady Shake.  I have a bit to go yet but you have changed my life so much. I have gotten 4 other family members onto the shake life and I would highly recommend them to anyone else. It’s about learning to change the lifestyle that has gotten you to where you are and the shakes are a great booster. I am so grateful to have found The Lady Shake.