I’m 44 from Adelaide SA and I started in April (now August) and lost 11 kg in 11 weeks now have lost another Kg so 12 in total but I’m trying to maintain my weight now.

Over the last 3 years, I gained 16 kg just feeling I could eat whatever I wanted like I did when I was younger but I realised it wasn’t as easy now being in my 40’s. I was feeling tired and bloated and really uncomfortable with myself.  I realised I need to do something about it now before the weight kept creeping on. I started by introducing exercise back into my daily routine I lost 4kg while doing this but wasn’t enough.

I came across the Lady Shake on Facebook and decided I’d give it a go! When I started losing a Kg a week by following the plan it encouraged me to stick to it.

My biggest roadblock was 6 weeks into trying to lose weight. I wasn’t losing weight for a week I just thought it was how I was supposed to be but I stuck at it because I was feeling great and it was keeping my eating habits on track and the weight loss continued.
My favourite flavour is chocolate adding the chocolate super greens I add the chocolate super greens to my morning shake every day (any flavour).

When I started to lose weight it was definitely a boost of confidence I started to feel great every day. I dropped two dress sizes and I now feel a lot happier and healthier and have a lot more energy.

I would definitely recommend the Lady Shake to everyone! It’s completely changed my lifestyle and I can still enjoy treat meals weekly without feeling guilty. Go for it!