My name’s Meredith plumb I’m 51 years old and I live in Ipswich QLD. I started my journey on the 22nd of November 2021 since then (now April 2022) I have lost 21.7kg.
I was lazy and ate too much when I was bored. I decided to start the shakes because I was getting too big and puffed out easily. My weight was putting an impact on my feet and legs and I was unable to keep up with the grandkids.
I tried other shakes, tablets and even going to the gym but nothing worked and I didn’t stick to it. I heard about the shakes from a close friend and I woke up one morning and decided to give it a try and haven’t looked back since.
The biggest difference is my size in clothes, I feel a lot better and healthier. I have a lot more energy to play with the grandkids, my feet and legs don’t hurt anymore.
The biggest roadblock was I refused to drink water drank a lot of soft drinks instead and would turn to junk food because I was lazy to cook. I overcome it by starting the lady shake and my lifestyle has completely changed. I drink a lot more water and no junk food or surgery things as I no longer crave them.
If you are thinking about starting your journey, I would say give it a go it’s the best thing I have ever done it’s changed my entire life for the better.