Hi, My Name is Mhairi Grentell. I am 48 years old and live in a small rural town, Matong in NSW – which is 72km NW of Wagga Wagga. Since starting the Lady Shake program – I have so far I have lost 15kg with the shakes!

Why did I start the lady Shake? I started using The Lady Shake because I had tried all the other fad diets, different shakes which to only find out they were so high in sugar and no results! I even tried all the radical diets, cutting out this and that only to have no success.

I have chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis, which limited the types of exercise I can do. Even limiting the amount of walking I was able to do a day. Which make it hard to keep weight off.

The biggest difference losing weight has made to my life so far (and I still have a long way to go) is that it has helped reduce stress on my joints! Without the weight loss, I would still be caring around those extra kilos. Putting unnecessary strain and pressure on them. Because of the weight loss with The Lady Shakes, it has helped reduce the pain and in turn, let me gain back a little bit of my life and allowing me to do a little more!

I would recommend and still recommended The Lady Shake program to family and friends! Some of whom have started using it and are having great results too!

Thank you The Lady Shake – you have helped me for the better! PS. caramel shake is awesome. Love it love it love it.