This is me 10kg heavier before starting The Lady Shake.

We all have that argh moment and for me I was at my friends baby shower and this photo was taken and when i looked at it my head and face was bigger than my friend who was about to give birth! I didnt even notice the kilos slowing piling on … I was busy working so was always eating on the run.

so then i went on a mission and tried nearly every diet out there – even the cookie diet haha but not much of the weight budged as my committment level wasnt too high and a lot of the different things i tried made me hungrier than before.

That’s when I started to research and have a good look at what i was actually eating in my “diet foods”. A lot were packed with hidden sugar so I was sacrificing foods I wanted to eat for expensive foods that tasted pretty ordinary but were meant to be healthy but actually weren’t!

So then my team created The Lady Shake and the 10kg came off and has stayed off 5 years … and yes i still drink too much wine (I have a 4 year old and 2 year old!!!) and still eat my favourite junk foods in moderation. I’m busier than ever but healthier than ever.

We all have an “inner fatty” wanting to pop out but I definitely have mine under control (most of the time) … now i get to help thousands if other women take back their health.