I’m Nicole

I was always reasonably healthy and active when I was at school but when I got out into the real world and had to start fending for myself that’s when things went a little pear shaped for me (literally). Working full-time and my partner being an interstate truck driver and only being home on weekends I developed a pretty unhealthy relationship with food and alcohol. Living alone for most of the week I could never see the point in cooking a proper meal for just one person so I’d quite often just reach for whatever was easy.

The same with the food I was taking to work – cheese toasties and two minute noodles were a personal favourite – anything that I could grab on the way out the door as I never had any energy to drag myself out of bed early enough in the morning to organise anything better. Weekends often weren’t much better, usually making large meals to make up for the fact that my other half was away missing home cooked meals all week and then generally a trip to the pub would be in order, or we’d be off to a mates place with an esky full of rum cans in tow.

There were a couple factors that lead to me taking the first step. I ended up with pretty severe epigastric pain, nearly everything I ate gave me indigestion and I got to the point where I had to take a week off of work because of the terrible stomach pain I had while the doctors tried to figure out what was going on. I had to take tablets daily which helped control it but if I ever forgot to take them I knew all about it.

Shortly after this I jumped on the scales, which I usually avoided like the plague, and could not believe the number looking back at me. I knew that the weight had slowly been creeping on but had no idea it had gotten that far away from me and I was so ashamed of myself. Probably the last straw was going to a friend’s engagement party and getting dressed up, feeling pretty good, then seeing the photos on Facebook later that week and not even recognising myself.

There were quite a few tears shed that day, and I knew something had to change.

Other than the most basic reason of wanting to look better and feel better, my main motivation has been an 11 day cruise to the South Pacific that we booked the day after our friend’s engagement party. It might not seem to out of the ordinary for some, but for me growing up on a farm, having only been on a handful of small holidays in my life and just generally not being a very extravagant person, something like going overseas on a cruise is the holiday of a lifetime.

After paying for the deposit and flights etc. then having seen these photos of myself on Facebook it dawned on me. I’d just spent all of this money on this holiday and there are going to be lots of photos taken, swimming pools, and beautiful beaches. I’m going to have to wear bathers. Oh no. What had I done?! I knew I wanted to be able to properly enjoy this trip and not feel self conscious and hate every single photo so I needed to get serious about my lifestyle changes.

I have lost 23kg so far and my goal is to lose 32kg.

My partner actually got me onto The Lady Shake after he heard about The Man Shake on the radio in the truck one day and decided he was going to give it a go. He offered to buy me some as well and looking back now I really can’t thank him enough.

What haven’t I tried? I have definitely been a yoyo dieter over the years, it feels like I’ve given everything a go at least once but have never been able to stick it out until The Lady Shake. I did have some success with Lite n Easy and lost 15kgs a couple years ago but found that when I was left to my own devices I still struggled with portion control, and it got to the busy, stressful time of year at work and my wheels fell off and I eventually put it all back on again, plus some.

Now I feel great! I have energy, I sleep better, and my stomach doesn’t hurt anymore. I haven’t had to take my tablets since not long after I started on The Lady Shake. I’ve been able to wear clothes that I’d hidden away in the “skinny” cupboard, just in case they ever fit again. I’ve completely overhauled my relationship with food, and now happily cook myself a healthy dinner every night and not overeat. I can also control my emotional eating now, because I used to be a shocker for it. I’m starting to feel a lot more confident, and don’t feel sick at the thought of being in a photo anymore.

I would have to say the biggest challenge would have been the drinking. Those that knew me knew I absolutely would never turn down a rum. Ever. It was unheard of. So I struggled a bit with the comments, being asked if I was sick, pregnant etc. Or the “c’mon, you know you want one!” because 9 times out of 10 I absolutely did. I was able to stick to my guns throughout that time and have now gotten to the point where I know can have a few drinks on the weekend (sometimes more than a few) and not feel guilty. I’ll be able to get back on the shakes during the week and still be in a really good place.

For me it fitted in seamlessly, still to this day I’m not very organised so having something so easy and convenient to take to work with me is perfect. Every day I have a Lady Bar at morning tea and a shake at lunch and I love it, it keeps me full for the day and heading into the busiest time of year at work again I know that on those days I don’t have time for a proper lunch break I’ll be able to reach for my shake and have it on the go.

I recommend The Lady Shake to anyone who will listen to me! I have gotten a lot of compliments about the weight loss and now have a few family and friends on The Lady Shake also. The proof is in the pudding for me I suppose. I had a goal to lose 32kgs in 9 months which is pretty major. I’m currently at the halfway point and I have already lost 23kgs. I feel like I’m on the homestretch already!

Like I mentioned, ideally I’d like to lose another 9kgs so I will continue on the shakes and plan to stay on them once I reach my goal weight.

Just do it! It never feels like the perfect time, but just get started. You won’t have a perfect healthy day every day, sometimes you’ll eat something or drink something and think “why did I just do that?” but keep at it.

One day in the not too distant future you’ll be able to look back and know it was one of the best decisions you ever made.



Nicole stayed motivated and reached her goals losing an incredible 33kg.

” Just do it! You will not regret it. Going on The Lady Shake has been the BEST thing I have ever done for myself and I have never looked back. I haven’t considered myself to be on a diet, I just have a better lifestyle now – one that I can feel good about and still have the odd trip to the pub!”