“While doing some research into meal replacement options I found the Lady Shake and had read some very positive things about it regarding getting rid of cravings, feeling fuller, limited sugar and all the vitamins etc. So after new years eve, I placed my first order.

Now not only do I love my shake, I very easily do my meal prep and I do a small amount of exercise just in my bedroom.

“I am down to 82kg.”

“I no longer have cravings.”

“I no longer emotionally eat.”

“I enjoy my routine.”

“AND I don’t even have a cheat day, not because I make it this way, I just don’t feel like it.”

I lost 43kg in my first progress shot and my incredible results on The Lady Shake kept me motivated. I have now lost 61kgs all up and will never look back. It was a choice, a decision to want to fight my way back. But I would not be able to do this without my Lady Shake! My goal weight is 65kg! I know with my shake and the support I have been given this is not the pipe dream it was in October 2016, it is going to become my reality. I can’t thank you guys enough for coming up with a product that actually works.

And I can’t wait to keep sharing my progress with you and sending you my photo at my goal weight.”


I’m now at 76kg and feeling great!
My lady shake still makes up my breakfast or lunch most days and fast paced walk for at least 45 mins everyday with core exercises a few times a week. Meditation is a wonderful and important part of my daily practice with at least 20 mins once a day.
Starting at 165kg 4 years ago after illness now to be 76kg and still dropping with no surgery just my Lady shake, good food, easy to manage exercise routines has made all the difference.


What an inspiration and true fighter Peta is. She is true motivation and also an inspiring woman who pushed through and has changed her life completely! Thanks so much for sharing your story Peta, you are nothing short of amazing and we can’t wait to see you reach your goals.