We are asking the Government to:

  • Make companies put the amount of sugar clearly and correctly on the front of all packaging.
  • Tighten the definition around these healthy words and claims for food packaging.
  • Make health food aisle healthy by only allowing foods that meet certain nutrition guidelines allowed.

As a busy mum of two, I want to make sure that my kids grow up healthy and happy.

So, I really try hard to make sure that I feed my kids foods that are healthy, which can be challenging being so busy.

I recently discovered, to my horror, that I was feeding my two young girls large amounts of sugar and other nasties in foods that claimed to be “healthy” and used misleading buzzwords like “natural”, “high in protein” and “no added sugar”.
We are deliberately being confused and lied to by these big food companies, so they can make money while we get fatter and sicker.
Our kids, for the first time in history, are predicted to live shorter lives than us!
The problem is that the government doesn’t really regulate the marketing claims used in the food industry.
Yes, big companies are smart, and they know we want to be healthier.  This is why they have changed their packaging, but not their ingredients, to trick us into thinking their foods are suddenly healthier.
Therefore, now when you walk down a supermarket aisle, every second product is plastered with claims like “packed with protein” “less sugar” – less sugar than what?
Yet when you simply flip the product over and read the nutrition panel, you quickly find in very small print that the “protein balls” are actually packed with way more sugar than protein, so they should be called “sugar balls”.  But who would buy sugar balls?
I always say, “nothing changes if nothing changes”! So, unless we speak up and demand change, our kids will go down the same path of poor health and obesity that many of us are facing now.
How do we fix this? The great news is that it really isn’t that hard to make “healthy” healthy!  With your help we can make real change.
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Sign My Petition