36-year-old Prue from Adelaide lost 14kgs!




I am an emotional eater and have religiously turned to food for comfort. I am in remission with grave disease and recently diagnosed with Lupus, being told that this would now be a life long medical journey I was gutted. Having an autoimmune system that doesn’t work properly it comes with its challenges but I am no longer going to let this stop me from achieving my goals, it may slow me down but it’s not going to stop me anymore!


In the past, I would have turned to food when times got tough but this time something clicked and I was not going to take this sitting down. I had to do something to improve my health not only for me but also for my family. I have taken it one day at a time as some days I have flare-ups that I can’t explain why but I have kept going. My family and close friends have been so supportive but this time I am doing it for me, to make myself proud and finally achieve those goals that I have had and not yet achieved.


I had seen the amazing transformation that my cousin Mellissa had through her TLS journey with all her determination and dedication. So I decided to ask a number of questions and a few chats later I decided to give it a go. As Mellissa promised she would be there for my entire journey and the support helped me stay motivated.


I enjoy weight training and boxing at the gym and in the past, this worked great. As my lupus developed and caused inflammation in my joints which can cause a lot of pain, this form of exercise quickly was no longer an option for me. I had to find a new way to lose and maintain my weight and so I decided to try The Lady Shake and learnt to listen to my body and change my form of exercise to suit my daily abilities.



Since starting the shakes I walk so much more. Walking has been amazing for my mental health just as much as it has for my physical health. I have been able to join my son and husband on hikes and mountain bike rides.  Most recently an adventure day with our son where I joined in like a big kid rather than sitting on the sidelines watching. It was so much fun and our son absolutely loved having both his parents join in. I also don’t mind being in front of the camera and slowly we are getting more family photos with me in them.


If I had to give advice to someone who was thinking about starting I would ask them – What do you have to lose? The Lady Club Group is one of the most supportive groups I have ever been part of, it’s a chance to become the fittest and healthiest version of you and have a fantastic support team behind you to encourage and share their journeys with you. Make yourself proud of all you can achieve, it’s not always easy and everyone’s journey is different, but YOU can DO IT!!