Our CEO, Belinda, Shares her top tips for keeping busy and healthy during isolation!

Ready for a lockdown, smackdown and a little ‘me time’?

We are!

1. Get into a routine – yes its fun to sleep in for a couple of days but routine keeps you sane, focused and productive! Time to celebrate as we finally have an excuse to wear active wear all day! But its called activewear for a reason –  so stay active at home. Take regular breaks – tip: set your alarm on phone to go off every hour and get up from the computer or the couch and stretch out! Do a few lunges, or pushups or squats to get your body moving.


2. Learn to meditate – I know it sounds boring but how stressed, anxious and worried do you feel at the moment? I’m a terrible meditator but I try – just 15 min in a quiet place and your whole mental and physical state will change. There’s some amazing meditation for beginners on youtube so take that mental time for yourself. Your family, especially will thank you for it and don’t worry if you’re not very good – it’s like riding a bike. You will learn and get better at it!
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3. Do the things you’ve been putting off –  if you’re like me you would always be saying “when I get time off i’m going to do X” well the time is NOW. De clutter your life, fix that garden, read a great book, learn yoga (Their are some great youtube tutorials) or learn to cook. Now has never been a better time to learn new healthy recipes – grab what you have in the pantry and pull together meals/snacks that you can bulk make and freeze.
Cute little girl with mother taking care of plants in garden on sunny day
4. Get fresh air – yes we are in lockdown but we are allowed out to exercise so go for a walk, ride your bike, take the kids out on the scooters – get moving! Even a bit of interval training is great. A 30sec walk or run as fast as possible then normal 1 minute – do this 10 times and you’ll work up a sweat!
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5. Go easy on yourself – have a wine! 
Remember your mental and physical health go hand in hand. You may not feel like it but its time to take charge of your health and kick some butt during this isolation. how great will you feel on the other side? It will be over soon so you want to come out healthier and better than ever to conquer this new world we live in. You’ve got this – You’re strong and mentally tougher than you think!