Hi, My name is Renee, I am 37 years old from the Central Coast NSW.  The Lady Shake helped me and my Husband lose weight together!

Myself and my husband started both The Lady and The Man Shake together at the start of January this year. I have lost 13kg and my husband had lost 16.2kg thanks to the Lady and Man Shake! Together we found it easier to lose weight.


We realised that our clothes were progressively getting tighter and we didn’t like how we looked in photos. We lacked energy and were tired all the time (me in particular). The kids wanted us to play with them and we just couldn’t play like we used to.

I have tried lots of different weight loss programs over the years, and my weight has always gone down but then I wasn’t able to maintain the program and it went back up (usually higher than previously).  The programs I have been; Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Slimright, CSIRO diet, Optifast VLCD.

There is a huge difference in how we look, but also how we feel. We have more energy, Dave now helps with our son’s Rugby League training and I have started exercising. Now we are able to run and play with the kids, but also feel more confident in ourselves and our abilities.

We would definitely recommend both The Lady Shake and The Man Shake to others. Not only are there great flavours but it is easy to continue with. The shakes are 350/400ml (not 200 like some others) and they keep you fuller for longer. You can still have snacks and even dessert! The shakes promote healthy eating and a balanced diet rather than an extreme. It also helps you understand how to prepare healthy meals for yourself and make better food decisions. Plus the ”˜Treat Night’ means that you don’t have to deprive yourself or feel as though you are missing out. We have a treat night every Saturday night.