I am sixty-five years old and started TLS journey in February this year after seeing a photo of myself taken a month prior.
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I didn’t like what I saw and my health was suffering because of the excess weight I was carrying.
After the shock of seeing my image, I researched to see what would be the best Shake for me, I was bordering diabetic so needed a shake low in sugar. TLS ticked all of the boxes for me, and what a bonus it was getting the support from the beautiful ladies on TLS site!
I felt I became part of TLS family.
I had tried dieting with just food but kept falling off the wagon, I needed the structure of the shakes.
The main change in my lifestyle was the motivation when I was seeing results on the shakes to get out and walk as exercise. Since starting I have lost 18:3 kilos and now no longer require blood pressure medication, and feel healthy and very happy. I now have the ability to do things without running out of energy. I have seven Grandchildren and can now keep up with them all. I can go into shops and easily be able to find nice clothes that actually fit and so much more choice.
TLS helped me accomplish my goals and I will be forever grateful for that.
I really didn’t hit any roadblocks along the way – if I plateaued I still took it as a positive sign because through my whole LS journey since February I didn’t put on any weight.
I would definitely recommend TLS to anyone wanting to lose weight because it works, and the support and encouragement from TLS ladies is invaluable and TLS family is amazingly supportive.