Hi My name is Sandra Cheniart, I am 49 years old from Holsworthy NSW. I have Lost 7kg in 12 weeks and I am still continuing with my Lady Shake journey to lose more cms!

I have health issues, my thyroid came back last year for the 2nd time and more aggressive. The specialist wanted to remove my thyroid but I would not accept that. I was at my heaviest I have ever been, almost reaching 100kg, I was depressed. Also, I have issues with my right knee as I have loss of cartilage and a tear. I have had 3 blood clots on my right leg and had to have my vein stripped. I have had a cyst on my ovaries and had to have a large polyp removed from my uterus. I’m almost at menopause stage and it’s where women put on most weight so all good reasons why I need to lose weight and get my health back in top shape.



I have tried other shakes that did not work, I have tried weight watchers, and Michelle Bridges.

I only started doing measurements 4 weeks ago and have lost the following so far: waist-6cm, thigh-4cm, hips-6cm. If I did this from the start I’m sure it would have been much more, I can’t thank The Lady Shakes enough for helping me as I now feel like a new woman and my health is back on track.

Even though I still have long to go to reach my goal I am already feeling happy all the time, full of energy, I no longer feel depressed, I can get up every morning and go to the gym, or swim or jog and my thyroid are back to normal. I’m so excited!

I would recommend The Lady Shake to anyone because they really work! You lose weight, and they stop your cravings. I have recommended The Lady Shakes to many of my friends and family.