I’m 25 years old born in Goulburn but currently living in Canberra. Since using the lady shake I have lost 25kg so far.

When I reached my highest weigh in I knew I was headed down a dark path. I was super unhealthy my eating habits were terrible and I had no form of self control. I suffer from insulin resistance and I struggled terribly with portion control always feeling like I’m hungry so I would just eat out of boredom.
I was standing in the kitchen as my mum packed the groceries away and something just snapped in my head that I had to lose weight or I would end up being a very unhealthy girl with irreversible damage on my organs if I didn’t do something about it.
I have tried some unhealthy methods when losing weight I tried the cheat ways and all the fad diets trending nothing seemed to work for me or I just lacked the will power to keep at it with those diets and I quit every time.
A lady at work had tried the lady shake and mentioned it to my mum who is also on the lady shake, mum gave me a taste and they were really nice so I ordered some myself. My lifestyle changed so much after starting the lady shake, I wasn’t bloated I felt amazing everyday, I woke up with so much energy I could bounce off walls and it never felt like a diet which was my favourite thing. The word diet is such a downer of a word but this didn’t feel like I was dieting it felt like I was adapting my lifestyle and learning how to be healthier and make those positive changes for myself not because I had to because I wanted to, it didn’t feel forced.
My biggest road block was lack of will power, in previous diets I was always saying “ I’ll start on Monday “ but Monday would come and I would completely ignore it. But with the lady shake I started detoxing the same day mum showed me her shakes and I didn’t think about what day to start I just did it! The first few days were the hardest but it got easier each day and by the months end I was in new habits and broke out of bad habits completely.
The biggest difference for me now would be my confidence I feel like I’m glowing all the time and I feel amazing! To constantly smile so much it hurts my cheeks knowing I did this I stuck to something and I am capable of achieving my goals.
I would tell anyone who is thinking of starting the shakes not to think about it just do it! Best decision I have ever made and I haven’t looked back since!