Hi, My Name is Sarah, I’m 32 I live on the central coast in NSW.

Since I started my weight loss journey I have lost about 14kg. In that time I tried a few different things. But the majority of my weight I lost using the Lady Shake!

I started on the Lady Shake program because I was having trouble sticking to my previous weight loss methods. And my husband had started using the Man Shake and so I decided to give the Lady Shake a go and haven’t looked back. I have tried calorie counting, going for walks, the healthy mummy shakes. The healthy mummy shakes were ok, but you had to buy so much to add to them e.g. different kinds of milk, fruits, nuts grains etc. You also had to blend them. It just wasn’t ideal.

The Lady shakes are so easy, quick and convenient. I spend lots of time in the car for work so something I can drink on the go is ideal. They are really filling and taste great. I wasn’t strict and didn’t stick the meal plan 100%. And I still saw results!

I like to have a Lady Shake for breakfast (occasionally I’ll have oats). I have a Greek yogurt with fruit for a snack, a Lady Shake for lunch and then a healthy dinner usually grilled salmon, steak or chicken with salad or veggies or a wrap.

I do it 6 days a week and on Sundays, I just have a day off. I don’t drink soft drink and almost never eat fast food. I don’t go to a gym, I go to park most weeks and do the man/lady challenge with my husband intermittently.

Losing the weight has increased my confidence, I’m happier in myself which makes me happier and healthier for my family. The weight I had to lose was all baby weight. I have 2 small kids. I highly recommend these shakes for other ladies. Great for busy working ladies. Going on this journey with my husband has been great.